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VoIP Provider extending its reach into Web


There is a multitude of VoIP Providers planning their expansion into Web Communications. They typically have a solid, scalable infrastructure but want to add WebRTC endpoints to their offering. Choosing the right signalling protocol, an existing JavaScript client library or writing their own, add STUN/TURN servers, bridge Web with PSTN/GSM, are common problems.

RTCSoft aims to help them adding the new features, while at the same time preserving scalability and reliability.



A brand new service for Real-Time Communications 


The best ideas are focussed on the customer, and this means innovators and entrepreneurs define their ideas on mobile or Web apps. Operational performance, scalability and geographical distribution however are guaranteed by the backend infrastructure and applications.

No matter how big or small your idea is, we can help in building a production service on top of it.



Ready to go mainstream


Today's market leaves no space for waiting: clever entrepreneurs want to ship fast and simple, and grow later. As solutions scale though, the processes for application deployment, continuous integration, configuration management need to improve as well. We're expert in analyzing existing deployments, automate their testing and deployment strategy, help scale (up or down) dynamically your infrastructure and build a monitoring framework to help your Operations team.


Want to know more? Interested in discussing your idea?

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